E-TECH, a technology that makes the difference

5 capital letters that embrace innovation, performance, and efficiency

Electric, Hybrid, and Plug-In Hybrid vehicles: at Renault, the E-TECH range is constantly growing. Affordable and easy to use, they are renowned for being powerful yet fuel efficient.

Renault’s innovative and exclusive E-TECH Hybrid technology was inspired by the world of F1 racing and incorporates considerably innovation and no less than 150 patents! The resulting engine is quite a strong performer: silent yet powerful take off in full-electric mode, excellent energy output, efficient regenerative braking, high-level of battery charging capacity and up to 40% less fuel used on urban roads. The E-TECH Plug-In Hybrid motor is ideal for short everyday trips in full-electric mode (up to 65km range without recharging) yet is still an ideal companion to help reduce fuel use on longer journeys.

Renault’s EV range also bears the E-TECH label in reference to the engine being part of a new generation that guarantees more responsible mobility.



Test driving the Captur E-TECH Plug-In Hybrid with Laurent Hurgon is a demonstration of the engine’s main assets and fuel-efficiency, guaranteeing full-electric driving during the week and limitless possiblities the week-end.



Did you know that the E-TECH Hybrid engine which was first born of the creative minds of our engineers, like Nicolas Fremau, Renault Hybrid Architecture Expert, was in fact first presented as a prototype made out of…. A LEGO box! This story is as unusual as it is inspiring!


10 years

the number of years Renault has been developing expertise in marketing electric vehicles

40 %

the average gain in fuel economy for an E-TECH Hybrid motor compared to an ICE motor on urban roads

65 kilometers

the full-electric WLTP range for Renault E-TECH Plug-In Hybrid models

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