All-new Renault Austral: the electrified SUV symbol of Renaulution

A new chapter in Renaulution opens with the All-new Renault Austral.
nouveau renault austral

After the launch of the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric, a compact hatchback that was the first of a new family of electric vehicles, the Renaulution is now welcoming its second model. The time has come for the All-new Austral, a modern and ambitious SUV, to make its debut. Part of Renault’s “Nouvelle Vague”, this new model contributes in various ways to the brand’s ambition to become a benchmark for technology, clean energy and services.

luca de meo

“The All-new Austral perfectly embodies what a C-segment SUV should be while showing what Renault is capable of.”

Luca de Meo
CEO, Renault Group

Announced by Luca de Meo just over a year ago, the Renaulution outlined a double promise made by Renault: restoring the brand’s competitiveness and bringing it into modernity by leading the way in technology, services and clean energy.

Since then, a revolution has got underway. Renault has embarked on an ambitious, value-generating transformation through the electrification of its product range, first with new models to regain the brand’s foothold in the C-segment, Europe’s most popular car segment. The first of that range, the All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric, will soon be arriving at dealerships.

Today, a new chapter of the Renaulution is beginning with the All-new Austral.

Through its design, engine fits and other features, the All-new Austral highlights Renault’s strengths in manufacturing and technology. In addition to its expertise in electric and electrified vehicles and its vision for sustainable mobility, Renault is making vehicles of the right size, weight, power and range for all customers. The All-new Austral is a SUV that answers ever-growing demand to travel without limits – going further for longer, while protecting the environment.


nouveau renault austral
A new chapter in Renaulution opens with the All-new Austral


A high-tech interior behind an athletic exterior

With its sculpted bonnet, bold front profile and taut lines, the silhouette of the All-new Austral is visibly athletic and even sporty in its “Esprit Alpine” version. Its generous volumes and ideal proportions are visually appealing and immediately ooze spaciousness. The All-new Austral fully embodies Renault’s new “sensual tech” design language while incorporating a number of stylistic aspects, such as the inclusion of the emblematic Renault diamond motif at the front.

Look beyond its athletic shape – the All-new Austral holds its cards close to its chest. Yes, it has brawn, but it also has brains! Its passenger compartment is just as voluminous as that of a family car, in a high-tech cockpit designed around an XXL OpenR screen that combines an instrument panel with a multimedia console. What’s more, users can access the most useful Google services and applications through the OpenR Link system – making the experience behind the wheel more intuitive than ever!


intérieur nouveau renault austral
Behind its athletic SUV shell, the All-new Austral hides a high-tech cockpit


A high-performance hybrid

The All-new Austral is the first model in the Renault range to benefit from all of the advantages of the Alliance’s new CMF-CD platform. Designed in various versions with different engine types, the platform gives the All-new Austral capacity for innovative and efficient all-electric powertrains for all uses. Customers can choose from the new E-TECH Hybrid engine (up to 200 hp), a new 48 V Mild Hybrid Advanced engine (130 hp) or a 12 V Mild Hybrid engine (140 hp or 160 hp). All of these options come with electrification technology and eco features designed to maximum energy efficiency, combining driving pleasure with reduced consumption and CO2 emissions.


arrière nouveau renault austral
The All-new Austral is available in “Full Hybrid” with the E-TECH Hybrid engine (160 and 200 hp)


Customisable driving sensations

The All-new Austral is dynamic on the road while proving just as agile as a city car in urban environments. Thanks to 4CONTROL Advanced technology, it has an extremely tight turning circle of just 10.1 metres, unique to its segment. In combination with the MULTI-SENSE set-up, which offers four driving modes, 4CONTROL Advanced enables drivers to personalise their experience with 13 settings, far exceeding the 3 offered previously.


nouveau renault austral
The All-new Austral: a whole world of sensations


An ADAS ace

The All-new Austral covers everything, from driving comfort to parking and safety, helping drivers stay in control in all circumstances. It incorporates no less than 32 advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), including a latest-generation head-up display, level 2 driving automation with Active Driver Assist, a 3D camera for 360° vision, full park assist and a detection system that prevents the car from pulling out if another vehicle is overtaking.

The All-new Austral also ensures optimal protection for its occupants and other road users by way of its enhanced passive safety features. There is also a new airbag between the driver and front passenger to prevent their heads colliding in the event of side impact. In the E-TECH Hybrid version, the All-new Austral is also kitted out with special access to the battery and a QR code to contact rescue teams, enabling them to come and help the occupants quickly and effectively when needed.

Jean-Baptiste Pietra


1,000 cm2

The combined size of the OpenR screen and head-up display in the All-new Austral


The number of advanced driver-assistance systems available in the All-new Austral

10.1 metres

The turning circle of the All-new Austral in its fourwheel steering version (4CONTROL)