Relive the reveal of New Renault Captur

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New Renault Captur: the B-segment car for living

B-segment “voiture à vivre”, New Renault Captur will continue to set the standard in urban SUVs.
Still built at the Valladolid plant, New Renault Captur will be available in Europe from April 2024.

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What they say about New Renault Captur

Fabrice Cambolive

“Renault Captur is not just a Renault best-seller, it is a pioneer. It broke all the rules of the B-segment, reinventing the DNA of Renault’s “voiture à vivre”. With New Captur, we have taken the secret sauce and pushed it to the next level to connect this car to its time. In short, New Captur combines all of Renault strengths and innovations making it more appealing and dynamic with the new Esprit Alpine trim design to exceed expectations and bring a better driving experience to our customers”

Fabrice Cambolive
CEO, Renault brand
Paula Fabregat

“The New Captur is now taking a new dimension. The new proportions immediately grab your attention. The new sculpted horizontal bonnet give it a strong presence on the road, and assertive look and personality. The New Captur is more sophisticated than ever. Renault Captur is ready to redefine segment B expectations.”

Paula Fabregat
Design Project Director Renault
bruno vanel

“New Captur shines with its E-TECH full hybrid engine. This is clearly the market finest that redefines driving pleasure but also adaptability in the segment. It excels with CO² emissions at 105 gr/ km at and fuel efficiency at 4,6L/100 km. New Captur is a “voiture à vivre”, versatile enough to meet every drivers desires “

Bruno Vanel
VP Product Performance, Renault Brand