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renault scenic vision

Renault Scenic Vision: the 'car' in care

Over thirty years ago, Renault invented the compact family car with the Scenic. Designed for families both past and present, it has now evolved into a new iteration for future generations with the Scenic Vision, a concept car that embodies Renault’s commitments to decarbonisation and sustainable development. Concept car or rather ‘concept care-car’: it cares for both its occupants and natural resources, by ensuring eco-responsible manufacturing and close management of the full life cycle of both the vehicle and its materials. Renault unveils a concept car that seeks to preserve all forms of life.

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What they think of Renault Scenic Vision

luca de meo
“All our corporate commitments are not enough if we are not taking them all the way down to our vehicles. That’s why I requested the Renault teams to come up with the first concept-car that fully embodies our new ESG strategy and its three pillars: environment, safety, and inclusion.
We called it Scénic Vision. Scénic, like our iconic “voiture à vivre”, and Vision because it fits people’s new expectations.”
Luca de Meo
CEO, Renault Group
gilles vidal

“The Renault Scenic Vision changed the way we designed cars. This concept car is not a creative spark brought to life, it is the product of a conceptual methodology based on three major pillars: the environment, safety, and inclusion. It’s interesting to see to what extent the new approach fed into our creativity and dictated certain aesthetic choices and not the other way around. This concept car is unique in just how realistic its features are. The Scenic Vision also charts a new course for the Renault brand, one towards mobility that is more sustainable, safer, and more inclusive.”

Gilles Vidal
VP Design, Renault Brand

“The Renault Scenic Vision concept car embodies the transformation that the Renaulution has set in motion, towards a greener, more high-tech company focused on data, energy and services. It addresses the challenges surrounding the climate, resource preservation, user health and safety, and accessibility. Beyond its attractive looks, it is built around a series of objectives that the Group has set and will gradually be transferring to upcoming generations of vehicles.”

Cléa Martinet
VP Group Sustainability, Renault Group

The speakers

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luca de meo

Luca de Meo

CEO, Renault Group & Ampere

Luca de Meo first started out his career at Renault and is now CEO. During his many years experience working for major European companies, he acquired much sought-after experience in the automotive industry and in management. He took over the helm of Renault Group and Renault in July 2020. From 2023, November 1st he becomes CEO Ampere.

gilles vidal

Gilles Vidal

VP Design, Renault Brand
Gilles Vidal is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Vevey, Switzerland. He began his career in the design department of Citroën before leading the Peugeot brand’s styling for 10 years. He joined Renault Group in 2020 as head of the Renault brand Design studio. He initiated a design that is both emotional and “tech”, recently illustrated by All-new Scenic E-Tech electric and Renault Rafale, a powerful illustration of the Renault brand’s new design language.
Motor sports enthusiast, he is also passionate about architecture, photography and painting.

Jean-Michel Jarre


Jean-Michel Jarre has always been a futurist in his field. Throughout his illustrious career, the composer, performer, producer and cultural ambassador has continued to break new ground with his music and his mastery of creative innovation. From his early pioneering role in electronic music, his use of multi-channel audio technology and production, to his recent explorations into the realms of VR performance and the metaverse, technology is at the forefront of everything he does.

Jarre is UNESCO ambassador for education, science and culture, an unconditional defender of the planet and the environment and Laureate of the Stephen Hawking Medal for scientific communication.

Jarre’s current catalogue, which includes 21 studio albums, has generated sales of more than 85 million worldwide, and earned him countless awards and nominations. Throughout his career, Jarre has taken as canvas, some of the most iconic landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage sites around the globe for his creative, cultural and environmental message.

clotilde delbos

Clotilde Delbos

CEO, Mobilize

Clotilde Delbos joined Renault Group in 2012 as Performance and Control Director and then became Chief Financial Officer in 2016. In 2020, she was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer before becoming Chief Executive Officer of Mobilize in 2021.

Jean-Philippe Bahuaud

Jean-Philippe Bahuaud

CEO of Renault Environnement
Jean-Philippe Bahuaud started his career within the PSA Group.
He then held various positions internationally, including as Director of Strategy for the Korean conglomerate Samsung for the automotive and semiconductor businesses.
He joined Renault Group at the end of 2018. On August 1st, 2021, he was appointed Vice President of Strategic Planning for the Renault Group, Vice President of the Refactory in Flins, and Director of the Environmental Plan Strategy.
He is also CEO of Renault Environnement, a holding company managing Renault’s interests in three subsidiaries in the recycling sector (Gaia, Indra and Boone Comenor).


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